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Today I've added a basic family tree to each of our Surname Pages. The family trees start at our grandparents' generation. My plan is to research every individual again and check if there's any new information on the various genealogy websites; then re-write the individual stories. This could take some time!!! I'm starting with the... Continue Reading →

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William Penn 1779 – 1855

William Penn was born in Finchley, London in 1779. He was my husband Michael Murray's great, great, great, great grandfather. 1779 George III was on the throne and Lord North was Prime Minister. Britain was at war with America (American Revolutionary War) and Sheridan was the dramatist of the moment with the first performance of... Continue Reading →

modus operandi

For the next stage of re-visiting our family history I've decided to take each of our known 4X Great Grandparents and explore their stories in turn. When I started family history researching,  I worked from the present day back in time through the generations as far as I could go. Which in some instances wasn't... Continue Reading →

Meet our Great, Great, Great, Great Grandparents

These are my maternal great, great, great, great grandparents: Elizabeth and William Gooding William Gooding 1774 Elizabeth Unknown 1779 Thomas and Elizabeth James Thomas James 1780 Elizabeth Unknown 1785 Thomas and Sarah Ward Thomas Ward 1795 Sarah Unknown 1806 John Barratt Benjamin Deakin George Venables Richard Evans These are my paternal great, great, great, great... Continue Reading →

Meet our Great, Great, Great Grandparents

My paternal Great, Great, Great Grandparents are: John and Elizabeth Buckle John Buckle 1789 - Elizabeth William and Sarah Unwin William Unwin 1792 - 1876 Sarah Unknown 1796 - 1869 Joseph and Hannah Smith Joseph Smith 1805 - 1879 Hannah Grayson 1805 - 1875 George and Francis Crowther George Crowther 1796 - 1861 Francis Unknown... Continue Reading →

Meet our Great, Great Grandparents

These are my paternal great, great grandparents. Christopher and Harriet Buckle Christopher Buckle 1821 - 1896 Harriet Unwin 1820 - 1900 I am certain that the man on the right is my great grandfather, John Henry Buckle. (See previous post.) Therefore, I think there's a high degree of probability that the older couple seated in... Continue Reading →

Meet our Great Grandparents

This family group is The Buckles. Unusually, someone's written "Buckle" on the reverse of the image. My great grandfather, John Henry Buckle is the man standing on the right. I know this because I've found him in a photo on the British Newspaper Archive and the resemblance is very strong. John and Elizabeth Buckle are... Continue Reading →

Meet our Grandparents

The photo above was taken in 1950 at my parents' wedding. My grandparents are standing on either side of the bride and groom. Location: Royston, near Barnsley, South Yorkshire My paternal grandparents, Sidney and Elsie Buckle. This photo was taken in about 1925. The child is my dad, Norman Buckle, who was born in 1924.... Continue Reading →

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